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    <br> Mostly this is because I am not a good enough painter to paint a pleasing flag (I had some disastrous, embarrassing failures with ACW Union flags in my formative years), but it’s also because the figure is very top-heavy, and has an inconveniently extended base, which impacts on unit spacings. This is probably a good vector for getting the authentication started rather than relying on Internet Explorer being available. I don’t recall Tim Henman ever being a Briton. The guys with the nice purple flag are another bit of the Royalist Northern Horse – this lot being Sir Charles Lucas’ regiment. Most all figures will cost $8USD apiece and a cavalry figure is made up of 2, the rider and the horse (the Garde costs more). Another two newly painted units of ECW cavalry back from Lee’s House of Magic. The particular case in point is the ECW standard bearer.<br>
    <br> One advantage of coming new to the ECW at such an advanced age(!) is that I don’t have any preconceptions, other than the sort of folk legends which we are all brought up with. This one copies a solid object in a plastic material – maximum size a 5.5inch cube. If you’re unsure which size flag you should purchase, we’ll help by discussing the different sizes and what they’re typically used for. 2. The Governor may order the Colorado flag lowered following a Presidential order or request to lower the United States flag. Most often, this is done to mark the death of a government official, military member, or first responder; in honor of Memorial Day or other national day of remembrance; or following a national tragedy. All orders get processed same day! The day after, I visited the Amazon site, using the same machine, and – lo! The example shown here is the Royalist CEW2, before and after, but the procedure is exactly the same for the Parliamentarian REW2. The more sedate people below are Sir Thomas Myddelton’s Parliamentarian “Myddleton’s Brigade”. I have a good idea about some units and even some of the breezeart theme yard flags, but a lot of my first guesses are going to be just straight fiction.<br>
    <br> A good proportion of the Royalist units which fought in the area came in from elsewhere, involved prominent colonels and already had a significant reputation and war record. I chose this area for a number of reasons; firstly, I was born and raised in Lancashire, so it adds a personal touch to things, secondly, I am an awkward beggar at the best of times, so going for a “minority” aspect of the war suits me in a number of ways, one of which (thirdly) is that it is relatively poorly understood, which leaves a lot of scope for making stuff up where the history is sketchy. I think that, like hybrid cars, they will get much cheaper and much better – this is not the time to buy one – but the potential is mind blowing. I am also able to judge what I read from a mature viewpoint – or at least I like to think so. Holy Smoke. If you haven’t read up on 3D printing I recommend you have a look. I have been very surprised how often identified units in Lancashire – even Royalist ones – do not rate any mention at all in (for example) Colonel HCB Rogers’ Battles & Generals of the Civil Wars 1642-51 – the standard work.<br>
    <br> There is an unmistakeable whiff of the Royalist side having somehow been the Good Guys – I guess this is connected with the retrospective view which came with the restoration of the monarchy. I really am having a whale of a time! Well, for a start I cannot promise that all the above units ever appeared on the same field at the same time – in fact I’m pretty sure that there are a number of instances here of impossible combinations – units that may never even have existed at the same time. The Parliament side, by contrast, included a number of rather humble, local units which were effectively town guard or militia bodies – John Moore’s “Regiment of Foot”, for example, would appear to have consisted of Moore’s own retainers and citizens of Liverpool, armed very simply – on the wargames table, these might well be “clubmen”. I have to crack on with my reading – in particular I want to find out more about the Northern Association.<br>

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