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    leopoldinae would have been a small carnivorous dinosaur, growing to only some three feet (one metre) in length and two and a half feet (80 cm) tall. Pictured: an illustration of the individual bones contained in the fossil specimen, which was unearthed in Paraná State

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    But this wandering tiger is far to the north of this and only 300 miles or so south from where a lost polar bear was found in May, having ventured south from the Arctic on a 1,950 mile odyssey in the same region.

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    A solo male Siberian tiger has spotted almost 800 miles outside of its species’ normal habitat in the world’s coldest permanently inhabited region. Pictured: The tiger’s paw print in Yakutia, the Sakha Republic

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    It is the first time the endangered Amur tigers – the world’s largest cats – have been seen in this region in half a century, and the latest account of an animal venturing far from its normal home in Siberia (stock photo)

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    They will spend most of their day-to-day life in camp attempting to keep sheltered from the blistering cold temperatures in the outdoor courtyard, where they will be forced to brush their teeth in a grubby sink and relieve themselves in a cramped privy.

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