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    The ESA called the sentencing “a clarion warning for others contemplating computer and video game piracy,” with ESA president Douglas Lowenstein adding that “sentences of this magnitude send a clear message to game retailers that selling pirate products has serious consequences, including prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Echevarria’s politically-connected husband dismissed his stepson’s actions as ‘an unfortunate thing’, adding: ‘It just looks like kids playing.

    It’s not really violent.’

    Panel chairman Martyn Green told Burn: ‘Whilst the events occurred in the workplace, the panel did not consider you had put patients at risk of harm.

    Under the law, doctors who receive a caution or conviction must attend the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), the disciplinary arm which hears all cases pursued by the General Medical Council.

    I would feel so isolated that I would always look for distractions and look for some way of blocking things out.
    And I would, in the office, when alone, turn to the internet

    Dr Steven BurnĀ 

    ‘They would come up on Google among everything else that was there.

    I have no sexual interest in children. I knew I needed help as the way I dealt with my problems was inadequate and led to this catastrophic behaviour and I have been talking to a psychologist for well over one year.’

    He admitted he was interested in the images but he said it was for their artistic merit and as ‘a bit of a laugh’.

    He did not find them sexually arousing, he said.

    The Australian Border Force and customs have started to block all their adult products from entering the country (file image of adult graphic novels in a Tokyo comic bookstore)

    ‘We’re around a lot of people but not actually getting touched … It’s hard to have a relationship in New York,’ Nora O’Hara, 24, told the New York Post.

    “Expressing astonishment at how the story had gone viral in the foreign media, he evaded my questions about the identity of the writer. ‘The story never claimed the problem was widespread,’ he said defensively, implying that readers of his site are looking for thrills, not facts, and anyone who read the story in Japanese would clearly recognize the story’s main purpose, which was to titillate.”

    The tech world is no different. In January, the Los Angeles Times, UPI, The Daily Mail and other sites reported on a crowdfunding campaign for an iPhone case called the Uppercup that could hold a drink. It looked dubious, and the Dutch marketing firm behind it essentially admitted it was a joke.

    Dr Steven Burn, 53, a consultant cardiologist, was able to keep his job despite being found with 65 child abuse images on his work computer

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