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    In the long run, information we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never
    ends until we die. And choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
    This very important statement came from Eleanor Roosevelt. Some people think
    responsibility is taking care of paying your bills. Others think it’s going to work
    every day. Responsibility is also taking care of your kids. My personal
    definition of responsibility is taking control of your education, understanding
    acceptable middle school behavior, and taking care of others.
    I read an article about a very responsible young lady. The article was called
    “Malala the Powerful.” In this article, Malala was the first girl to go to school in
    her country. She loved going to school, but the Taliban did not think it was right
    for girls to go to school. They think “woman” and “girls” should be home taking
    care of everything. But Malala was trying to get all the girls to go to school by
    blogging about it. So one day after school Malala and her friend were on the
    bus, and a Taliban member got on the bus and asked for Malala . He shot her
    through the head, and shot her friends in the arm. Why? Because the Taliban
    saw her as a threat to their rules. In the article by Kristen Lewis, she states that
    “Malala’s messages were always the same. All children deserve the right to an
    education.” This proves that Malala displayed responsibility because she took
    responsibility for all girls to get an education.
    I also read an article called “Responsibility in middle school.” There are several
    different responsibilities in middle school. You need to be on time to all your
    classes. You need all your supplies, and you need to be organized. You need to
    be respectful to your teachers and peers. You must follow the dress code.
    Anywhere you go, you will need your agenda throughout the building so
    teachers and staff know where you are supposed to be and to make sure you are
    not skipping class. Also, it helps to stay organized to know what you have to do
    with homework or what to study. The author of the article, Karen LoBello, said
    “understanding and accepting the responsibility of middle school can make the
    difference between success and failure.” This statement clearly shows that part
    of the definition of responsibility is understanding what is acceptable and what
    is not.
    In my own life, I am responsible by telling my mom and dad where I’m going
    when I leave the house. I can watch my little cousins and feed them. I like
    taking care of elderly people. I don’t like seeing elderly people by themselves,
    so I try to help them with their bags and things like that. I also keep up with my
    phone, because that’s one thing I would never lose. So, responsibilities are
    evident in daily life.
    In conclusion, my definition of responsibility is taking control of your
    education, understanding acceptable middle school behavior, and taking care of
    others. To show responsibility, you must value education. Also you must be
    able to understand middle school behavior that is appropriate and show it.
    Lastly, a responsible person is able to care for others. Responsibility Is

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