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    Another 15,000 migrants are thought to be in Belarus and heading for the border, having been brought in from the Middle East to flood into Europe by president Alexander Lukashenko in revenge for EU sanctions

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    The small forward party of British soldiers, thought to number about ten, will help Polish forces strengthen their border with Belarus, where as many as 4,000 migrants, mainly from Iraq, Syria and Yemen, have gathered hoping to cross into Europe.

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    He was also scheduled to watch the launch of a F35 jet from the flight deck before meeting some of the ship’s company including US Navy and Marines.
    Jets from the vessel previously participated in strikes against the remnants of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

    Prince Charles, 73, and Camilla, 74, marvelled at ancient manuscripts at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
    The building is a replacement of the Great Library of Alexandria established in 250BC which later burnt down. 

    The couple, who went different directions through the building, were serenaded by violinists in the library’s Great Reading Room.
    The library was rebuilt in 2002 and has space for eight million books, with the main reading room covering 20,000 square metres. 

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    Answering four questions from budding directors, she spoke of her ‘absolutely brilliant’ trip to Egypt and the ‘very special memories’ of one of her first overseas tours since she married into the Royal Family.


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    The decor — and, more importantly, the spirit of the place — is rooted in the early 1980s when chintzy country house hotels began to assert themselves and when men were asked politely to wear jackets and ties if looking to be admitted to the ‘fine-dining’ restaurant.

    During the visit to the library the Duchess asked to name their favourite books the children named Harry Potter, Danny Champion of the World and Aladdin. Pictured, speaking with children as she visits the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    Speaking about their visit to the country as newlyweds in 2006, she added: ‘It was the first long-distance trip we did after we were married, so it will always stick with me. It was very exciting.
    I have a lot of happy memories here.’

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